About Me

Photography is my way of remembering the good times in my life, and other peoples. It is a reflection of what I love; animals, sport, people, and being in the great outdoors! I relish the challenge of finding the perfect composition, selecting the optimal exposure, and getting the most out of editing in Photoshop. The image created can then tell you so much more about a moment and soul, than what your eyes were able to capture in a split second, and what your mind was able to remember thereafter.


I love to be in the company of animals. I decided to become a professional photographer after 7 successful years of working as a mixed animal vet. During this time I loved nothing more than photographing my whippet and his friends, happy as could be, out walking in the Great British countryside. During my teenage years I spent as much time as possible riding and looking after horses on the Long Mynd.


I have a genuine empathy and compassion for all animals, and continue to work part time as a vet, and as a volunteer photographer at the Dog’s Trust. Over the years I have learned to build trust, and bring out the best, in all animal personality types; energetic, quiet, bouncy, nervous, shy, playful, boisterous, curious....


I have partaken in many sporting events as a cyclist, horse rider, runner, triathlete, swimmer, rower, kitesurfer, surfer, and climber. Consequently, I understand the style of images participants, athletes and orgainisers want. Crucially, I am willing, able, and ready, to get into the right position to take them!


I now live in Shrewsbury with my beloved dog Rupert, and rescue cat GT (Ginger Tom, or my once favourite tipple G&T!), and have a growing interest in Landscape Photography. I attained a Diploma in Photography in November 2016.

You can find some of my published photos here.


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