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If you would like to skip the information, and go straight to viewing photos for now, please click here, but particularly before you order I would advise reading on... info on products to buy, cropping, searching rather than browsing for photos, sharing favourites, and avoiding postage fees is included!

Fellow athletes/ animal owners, I hope you like my photos of you. I will always endeavor to capture you looking your best, executing perfect technique and displaying great speed and in some instance height.... but if I don't I'm sorry. If you see a picture of yourself you really don't want on public display, please just email me and I'll remove it immediately.

I hope you find lots of photos of yourself you'd like to buy. The ordering system is designed by zenfolio, and the print orders are processed and dispatched by One Vision Imaging Ltd. Visit their website and you can read for yourself about the exceptionally high quality printing and quality control. They also have a much bigger range of products to offer than what I have included for you on the products list. i.e. different sizes of prints, framed prints, canvas prints, collages, calendars, cards...... If you would like to order any of these products, please just email me and I'll add that option for you. In order you receive the best possible quality print, in some instances I will make a few minor digital adjustments to the photo you have ordered, before approving it for printing.

Please be aware, when browsing photographs, that you are able to crop them. My camera generates 24 megapixels, and once you have opted to buy a photo at a particular print size or as part of a collage, prior to payment zenfolio always gives you the option of adjusting the crop/zoom of the photo, so go ahead should you so wish. There is an inbuilt warning system if you crop so much that you are left with insufficient pixel number to produce a high quality product. I'm working on optional airbrushing of wrinkles, removal of other athletes in front of you, and unattractive facial expressions.

No need to browse, you can search! Where identifiable, I have attached keywords/numbers to photos (for gig rowers it is the filename on the gigrower FB watermark) which should make finding photos of yourself easier. Enter these in the search box and you should be able to find most of the photos you're interested in. They will also be in time order which should narrow it down a bit.

Once you view a particular photo, you can add it as a favourite (click the button or press "F", they last for 1 month). You can then email your favourites list to whoever you like or use it as a shortlist for yourself. As a club, or a group of friends, you may like to nominate one person to email all orders/favourites to, so you only pay the postage charge once (it starts at £3.40 for 7 * 5 prints and charged by One Vision Imaging). Please click here for a video tutorial on ordering prints and sharing favourites.